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Surge Electric

Surge Electric is a family-owned business serving the Raleigh / Durham area for over 25 years. We have consistently strived to provide the best electrical services and value. Surge Electric is fully licensed and insured.

Prompt, courteous service and experience at all levels of electrical contracting.

Electrical Services Provider in Raleigh, NC

No matter how old a building is, it will need electrical services eventually. Who can you rely on for help in the greater Raleigh/Durham area?

Some contractors charge too much, while others lack the expertise you can depend on. Instead, you deserve a family-owned company that has run an electrical contracting company for over 35 consecutive years.

Surge Electric is your local team of affordable electricians ready to handle any issue. From upgrading older homes to servicing your business, we can complete any requests.

See why homeowners and business owners throughout the city prefer Surge Electric. No one offers a higher quality of care than we do.



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The Best Electrical Services in the Raleigh & Durham Area

Some companies schedule you weeks in advance for a problem that needs correcting now. Others do not have the experience to complete it efficiently or safely.
Hire us to take on any electrical system concerns you have. We provide the solutions you need.
Whatever your home or business needs to run smoother, we can help. We install items correctly the first time, keeping them working longer and safer year after year. Our experienced staff knows how to tackle any electrical issue you find. 

Our Services

Residential Electric Service

For many homeowners, electrical problems aren't something they can fix on their own. You may get shocked or cause harm to your home by accident. Instead, our expert technicians can solve any issue you encounter with wires, appliances, and utilities. Whatever you need from us, we guarantee the best results possible each time.

Commercial Electric Service

For any business owner, electrical problems mean shutting the doors for the day. How can you reopen to the public without spending too much? Choosing our local electricians is the fastest and most reliable option every day. Don't stop serving customers and clients, and hire us to tackle your electrical issues.

Electrical Maintenance Services

One item that goes ignored by both homeowners and business owners is upkeep and maintenance. While waiting until you need something fixed is ideal, it can mean neglecting some things. Old wiring, flickering lights, and HVAC problems all need our help. Prevent minor problems from becoming significant issues and hire our electricians today.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most dependable, cost-effective electrical contracting services possible. With a family owned business the customer gets better service. We are a family who care about our customers and their electrical needs.

Why Hire Us for Your Electrical Services?

Did you know that even new houses can still have faulty electrical systems? Unfortunately, those homes that have trouble often stay ignored until they worsen.

Instead, our experienced contractors can diagnose and correct any type of concern. Fix outdated fixtures and aging components with expert electricians and competitive pricing.

We have over 25 years of experience serving the greater Raleigh and Durham area. See why homeowners and business owners alike prefer our local technicians.

We guarantee that you won’t find a more reliable source for electrical repair services. Hire us whenever you need help in keeping your home or office safer.

Reach A Specialist Today.

The Best Electrical Services in The Triangle

Another reason to hire us is that we stay near your place. Whether you live or operate a business in the Raleigh/Durham area, we can assist you with your electrical needs.
We troubleshoot, install, and repair whatever you need throughout the city. Our contractors are well familiar with local neighborhoods and retail centers.
No matter where you find problems with your electrical systems, we’re here to help. Contact us now for reliable service and exceptional electricians in the areas of:

We assist local households, and businesses, all at cost-effective pricing. Keep your components working at their best without spending too much.

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Quality Work at Competitive Prices

SURGE ELECTRIC – Dependable, Caring, Competent, and Reasonably Priced Service. The one company for ALL your Electrical contracting needs.


Another reason to hire us is that homeowners don’t always know the real issue. They may only notice some symptoms without understanding the whole problem.

Most noticeable are when lights flicker or your breakers trip. That could mean an overworked system or one without even power distribution.

Some outlets get overcrowded, creating a possible fire hazard or damaging your devices. Instead, we can diagnose any problem you find and offer practical solutions.

You don’t need to be an expert to know when you need a reliable contractor. Hire us to solve any electrical issues, all at low service pricing.

Although homeowners know they need an electrician, they also fear high costs. As a result, they may attempt to fix the problem alone, despite lacking our training.

Not only can that put you at risk of harm, but it causes other hazards. You can quickly start a fire from not handling electrical components correctly.

Instead, our contractors work with all major appliances, connections, and equipment. Whatever isn’t performing as it should, we guarantee your top results possible.

Even smaller volts and amps are enough to cause discomfort or pain to inexperienced technicians. Keep yourself and your home safer with our professional electrical services.

The BEST CHOICE for Electrical Services in Raleigh & Durham

Unlike other types of repairs, electrical problems aren’t something that most homeowners can manage. Commercial systems can prove even more dangerous with higher outputs than consumer appliances.
Luckily, we know how to manage any components you find not working correctly. Whether you need a repair, a replacement, or a new installation, hire us today.
Electrical repairs can quickly become dangerous and expensive without the proper training. Don’t add to your worklist, and hire our experienced electricians at affordable prices.
Don’t let electrical issues keep you and your family down. Hire Surge Electric for reliable service technicians.