Commercial Services for The Triangle Business Owners

As you well know, it is crucial that you keep your business running. If you are a new business, we can help you get your electrical systems in place. For existing businesses, upgrades and maintenance may be what you require.

We offer more solutions and value than anyone else in the greater Triangle Area. See why we’re the trusted name in local electrical contractor services.

Commercial Electrical Service

As a business owner, you already have dozens of things to manage. When you find electrical problems, call Surge Electric and check one off the list.

Here in the Raleigh/Durham area, you have many choices for a repair contractor. Who can you trust to keep your business performing at its best?

At Surge Electric, we offer reliable commercial services at competitive pricing. With over 35 years of experience, you can rely on us for it all.

Our team handles minor issues and bigger problems without charging too much. See why companies throughout the city trust us first.



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The Best Electrical Commercial Services in Raleigh, NC

When something isn’t working, you can’t afford to ignore it for long. Even minor components can have a huge impact on your company.

Thankfully, we can address any number of issues with any type of setup. From manufacturing centers to office buildings, call on us for any repairs.

Our experienced electricians quickly work to get your business to its highest potential. Contact our repair team today to take on any service needs.

When Should You Call for Electrical Commercial Services?

One mistake business owners make is waiting too long to call. By the time they bring someone out, the problem has already worsened.
Instead, we recommend giving us a call as soon as you notice something wrong. Even with an in-house maintenance team, call on us first for better results.
We have over 35 years of practice in repairing, installing and diagnosing systems. Choose Surge Electric if you operate a restaurant, laundromat, or fitness gym.
More business owners and residents rely on us than any other provider, ask around. Get the most from every service call by hiring our local experts today. 

Why Hire Us for Your Electrical Commercial Services?

When something stops working at your facility, you deserve the best repairs possible. Unfortunately, you can't always know the quality of care you'll receive until after the contractor leaves. However, our company offers in-depth repairs and competitive rates, making us your best option. We guarantee fast, affordable, and lasting service without charging too much. Our contractors work with a wide range of components, wires, and systems. No matter what you need from us, you'll see the best results each time. You don't have to search for a dangerous DIY fix when you have us. Contact our team for convenient local contractors prepared to solve your problems, such as:

What Causes Electrical Problems in Commercial Buildings?

For some business owners, it can seem like one issue is behind the next. What contributes to electrical problems in your commercial space?

We have found that around 40% of problems are from electrical work not being performed the first time correctly. 

For starters, retail buildings may have different requirements than typical residential homes. Others have aged to the point that the original components have worn out.

Employee neglect, rowdy customers, and severe weather can cause such problems. The ideal way to address them all is to hire us first.

Even if you aren’t sure what the problem is, we always find out. Give your business the best quality of service possible, and call us now.

The true test of quality electrical work is how long it lasts!

The Best Electricians for Commercial Services in Raleigh, NC

Some people forget how dangerous a building’s electrical system can become. Others overestimate their abilities to fix things, making situations worse.

Instead, we arrive quickly to offer a professional diagnosis and expert repair services. No matter what has stopped working, we’ll have it back up and running soon.

You don’t have to try and solve electrical problems by yourself. Hire Surge Electric for affordable service.